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Fake wedding photo report
An actual wedding with real ceremony, entertainment and dance program and a delicious dinner, but still don’t forget that this is FAKE WEDDING, which will give you a unique opportunity to find out how good are wedding vendors in your city not just in words, but in real actions!
Fake Wedding is a good alternative to any wedding show or exhibition.

With us you will see everyone in action, just as it will be at your own wedding!
Like it? We know! We are crazy about this idea and can’t wait to realize it asap!!!

Fake Wedding by Heaven 67 will be the first event of its kind in Europe, which we hope will grow very quickly! After all, it gives a unique opportunity to vendors from the wedding industry to demonstrate their services exactly as they would have done at their clients' wedding!
We accept only those vendors we believe in, no matter how big the company is!

Carefully selected vendors will provide their services exactly as they would at any real wedding, and the "wedding guests" will have a unique opportunity to see how ceremony is held by different receptionists (for those, who don’t go to church), you can see the work of several wedding hosts and feel their style; you will understand how different artists and cover bands perform.
We think that this is a very good opportunity to decide on the style of wedding decorations you need for your own wedding.
We set the concept and color of the wedding, and decorators are free to present their work the way they would do it at a real wedding.

Also, you can taste the food and drinks that you can choose for your wedding!

Test it yourself and know for sure how it will be at your wedding!

For Wedding vendors, this will definitely be a completely new experience in advertising of their services.